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The raffle is now closed and the winners were informed

Participate in our raffle to win one of the prizes:

300 Euro voucher from New England Biolabs (NEB)

The voucher can be used for all products of the NEB online catalogue

Zeiss VR ONE Plus Headset

The goggles are compatible with most common smartphones.

Ski goggles from Zeiss

Actual model and color may slightly vary

You will need to answer 4 questions:

(Click on company logos to get hints)

Question 1.

New England Biolabs switched in 2019 from Styrofoam shipping boxes to the climate-neutral NEB Eco-Box, which utilizes straw or hemp as insulation material and requires less primary energy in production.

In relation to a regular Styrofoam box, how much less primary energy does the production of the NEB Eco-box consume?

  1. 2 times less
  2. 10 times less
  3. 50 times less
  4. 100 times less

Question 2.

This spring ZEISS launched the new light sheet microscope, ZEISS Lightsheet 7.
One of the big developments are the new objectives and sample chambers, where you can now image very large optically cleared specimens in toto, and with subcellular resolution.
The new design allows you to adjust to different refractive indices without changing the chamber.

Up to which size can specimens be imaged?

  1. 1cm
  2. 2cm
  3. 3cm

Question 3.

What is the percentage of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by Takeda operations to be achieved by 2040?

  1. 15%
  2. 40%
  3. 100%

Question 4.

UNIQA is promoting environmentally friendly mobility with the aim of continuously reducing its carbon footprint.

What is the current CO2 emission of an average fleet car in use at UNIQA?

  1. 140 grams/kilometer
  2. 120 grams/kilometer
  3. 100 grams/kilometer


Please send your answers to and make sure to mention your name (first name and last name spelled as in the registration form) in the email.

We will contact the winners at latest on Monday, 18th of May, so please check your emails.

Good luck!