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Dr. Lisa Bock, German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

Dr. Bock is an atmospheric physicist at the DLR. Her research assesses the current impact of air traffic on climate, especially contrail emissions. She also uses modelling to evaluate the best ways to mitigate the impacts of these emissions for more sustainable global aviation.

Talk title: Evaluation of a new generation of global climate models (CMIP6)

View full abstract and read more about Dr. Bock’s research here

Dr. Daniel Huppmann, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Dr. Huppmann was an author of the 2018 IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C. Currently, he is the scientific lead of the “Modeling Platform Development” team in the Energy program at IIASA. He develops tools to model the complex social and economic implications of transitioning our existing energy systems to lower carbon emissions. These tools help to identify the most effective policies to best mitigate climate change, whilst also achieving sustainable socio-economic development.

Talk title: Climate change mitigation & sustainable development – Qualitative and quantitative analysis in the IPCC SR15

View full abstract and read more about Dr. Huppmann’s research here
A video of Dr. Huppmann’s talk can be watched here

Dr. Lynn Kaack, ETH Zurich

Dr. Kaack is a postdoctoral researcher in the Energy Politics Group at ETH Zurich and a co-chair of the organization Climate Change AI. In her research, she works with methods from policy analysis, statistics and machine learning to tackle various challenges of climate change mitigation. For instance, she used deep learning object detection in satellite images to monitor road freight transportation, in order to design better mitigation policies.

Talk title: Tackling climate change with machine learning

View full abstract and read more about Dr. Kaack’s research here

Prof. Joanna Kargul, Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw (CeNT UW)

Prof. Kargul is head of the Laboratory of Solar Fuels at CeNT UW. Her research focuses on harnessing photosynthesis in extremophile microorganisms, such as red algae, in order to develop biohybrid solar-to-fuel devices. These devices incorporate biological photosystems with conductive materials in order to produce “green” fuels using solar energy.

Talk title: Biosolar technologies for production of  fuels and chemicals

View full abstract and read more about Prof. Kargul’s research here
A video of Professor Kargul’s talk can be watched here

Prof. Sean O’Donnell, Drexel University

Prof. O’Donnell is a professor in the Department of Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science. His research interests include looking at the effects of climate change on evolutionary neurobiology. Specifically, he looks at how a rapidly changing climate mechanistically effects individual nervous system development; and, at the population level, assesses how climate change may drive rapid evolutionary change in nervous system structure and function.

Talk title: Connecting climate change with the nervous system-mechanisms, evolution and attitudes

View full abstract and read more about Prof. O’Donnell’s research here
A video of Prof. O’Donnell’s talk can be watched here

Prof. Rupert Seidl, Technical University Munich (TUM)

Prof. Seidl is full professor of ecosystem dynamics and forest management in mountain landscapes at TUM. His research focuses on forest ecosystem dynamics, using empirical work and simulations to look at the impacts of climate change on forests, with a specific aim of identifying how increased resilience in forests can be managed.

Talk title: Climate change and forest ecosystems: Challenges and solutions

View full abstract and read more about Prof. Seidl’s research here

Prof. Linda Steg, University of Groningen

Prof. Steg is a professor of Environmental Psychology in the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. She seeks to understand environmental behaviour, and how different factors affect people’s motivation to act pro-environmentally, especially in terms of using energy and driving cars. She also studies which factors affect whether a new environmental policy or technology will be acceptable and effective with the public.

 Talk title: What motivates consumers to act sustainably

View full abstract and read more about Prof. Steg’s research here
A video of Prof. Steg’s talk can be watched here